ancestry services

for the digitally and time challenged
Have you ever wondered if you are part of the royal bloodline or an heir to a fortune but you don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to research your lineage? We can answer these questions and more. We only need a few bits of information.Can you do this yourself? Certainly! 85% of rudimentary research can be done online with the digitization of large amounts of public records. It takes time, patience, lots of reading and research, knowledge, and the tools to do it. A couple of the primary tools required is an account with and other document databases. Access to these services cost anywhere from $20 – $100/month. That is an ongoing cost for continuing to develop your tree as time passes on. But we offer a more affordable solution! FREE Access to Ancestry with your package
With either of our ancestry packages, you will have free ongoing access to your family tree and associated documents. In addition we do all the major footwork for you.We are pleased to welcome payments from multiple family members – perfect for family heirloom gifts. We only accept paypal, but you do not need to have a paypal account!